Fashion, Lifestyle UGC Creator

Jordi Grace

Experienced Fashion and Lifestyle UGC Creator with over seven years of expertise in producing and refining top-tier content for diverse brands. Recognises the pivotal role of targeted advertising, heightened customer engagement, brand visibility, and amplified website traffic in achieving exceptional results.

A qualified makeup artist for a decade, recognised and respected within the industry for extensive knowledge of beauty, products, and trends.

Accomplishments include over seven years of adeptly shooting and editing premium content for a wide range of brands, consistently delivering exceptional outcomes. Collaborated with renowned brands such as Nike, Puma, Farmers Beauty, YSL, Tarte Cosmetics, Glassons, Hello Fresh, Clinique, Ghd, Dyson, and many others.

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Specialty Markets

Wellness (balance), beauty, fashion and motherhood


Female 18-24

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