Influencer Marketing 101 Masterclass

Fundamental strategies, Cultivating Connections, and Achieving Results. The Masterclass to help you go from getting no results and no responses to an in-demand product everyone wants.

10am Wednesday 1 May.

What they're saying about Influencer Marketing 101:

"We’ve worked with over 2,000 influencers and managed hundreds of campaigns that have proven success."

"We’ve seen brands grow into multi-million dollar businesses through the power of influencer marketing."

Raise your hand if you're feeling frustrated.

Raise your hand if you:

Struggle to connect with the right influencers.

Find yourself hoping for the best with no results.

Slide into DMs only to be met with silence.

What you're experiencing isn't just a lack of results. It's a lack of strategy and campaign direction. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

Imagine if you could:

Connect with the right influencers effortlessly.

Create compelling content and social proof.

Generate new customers and sales consistently.

Say goodbye to just hoping for the best and hello to a full influencer marketing campaign strategy.

Inside Influencer Marketing 101 you will find:

  • The impact of influencers
  • Engaging influencers through social media
  • Choosing the right aligned influencers
  • Content or sales?
  • Influencer communication and examples
  • Paid vs. Gifted
  • Deliverables and expectations
  • Analysing Return on Investment, marketing investment


What about bonuses? Get a working document to manage your influencers, the same one we use for all our campaigns. No more mess, hoping for the best, but instead a strategy for proven results.

So, are you ready to scale?

It’s time to get instant access!

By the end of this program you will have:

  • The step by step process to creating an influencer strategy.
  • Tools to manage and analyze results.
  • An in-depth understanding of managing your budget and expectations.
  • Legal requirements.

Influencer Marketing value is $21.1 billion dollars, having tripled since 2019, forecasted to reach $38 billion by 2028.

It’s not too late to start! Create a compelling influencer marketing strategy and achieve results. Just look at what one post from Kylie Jenner can do to a brand. Whether you’re gifting or have a paid budget, start the right way.

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