Speaking Engagements

With her endearing stage charisma, Charlie is the ideal Master of Ceremonies (MC) to grace your event and amplify your brand’s message

Boasting over two decades of experience in the wellness industry, Charlie brings fascinating statistics, insightful quotes, and a touch of charm to her presentations.

Feedback from Charlie’s engagements consistently highlights her warm and inviting demeanor, her talent for creating an inviting atmosphere, and her exceptional clarity in delivery.

Charlie also excels as a prominent panel host, celebrated for her ability to foster connections among panel guests, regardless of their backgrounds or divergent stories. She ensures equitable speaking opportunities for everyone, facilitating smooth Q&A sessions. Attendees depart these sessions with a sense of wonder, newfound knowledge, and a surge of inspiration.


The whole thing was impeccable, every single fine detail. I just wanted to say thank you for having me speak at your event. I also want to thank you personally for your grace, I was rather nervous and you made me feel like I was sitting on the couch with a good friend. You are such a gem Charlie, invite me back anytime.

Moni Meredith

Charlie has absolutely blown me away! I had the idea of Become Aware and she helped me bring it to life. She has gone above and beyond. I appreciate and respect Charlie, great mentors are hard to find.

Amelia, Become Aware

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